Dr. Nicole Flink

Assistant Professor

Bachelor’s Degree: Weber State University (Technical Sales)
Master’s Degree: (Business Administration)
PhD: Oklahoma State University (Business Administration)
Phone: 801-626-6904
Email: nicoleflink@weber.edu

Nicole Flink is an Instructor in the Department of Professional Sales at Weber State University. She currently teaches courses in Advanced Selling, Customer Service, and Business Communication. Nicole is a past graduate of the sales program at Weber State University with a B.S. in Technical Sales. She holds a Master's in Business Administration and has completed her Ph.D. in Business Administration at Oklahoma State University.  Before pursuing her Ph.D. and academic career, Nicole worked many years as a sales representative for lead pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and Wyeth. Nicole's current research interests include the B2B buyer-seller interaction, salesperson behavior in the early stage sales process, and advancing sales education.  Nicole's research has appeared in the Atlantic Marketing Journal. 

Current Courses

Fall 2021

  • PS 2603 - Advanced Selling Techniques
  • PS 3103 - Sales Personalities & Profiles
  • PS 3903 - Sales Presentation Strategies


Spring 2022

  • PS 2603 - Advanced Selling Techniques
  • PS 3103 - Sales Personalities & Profiles
  • PS 3203 - Customer Service Techniques
  • PS 3903 - Sales Presentation Strategies