Alumni Jon Christensen Honored at Legacy of Excellence Dinner

OGDEN – Former star wide receiver, and Professional Sales graduate, Jon Christensen was honored Tuesday evening as the inaugural inductee into the Alan E. Hall of Fame. The award recognizes exemplary alumni of the Professional Sales Department and highlights the success they have in the corporate world following graduation. Christensen, graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Professional Sales (’21), and also went on to receive his MBA (’23), all while playing wide receiver for the Wildcats.

“What Jon did for us as both a student, and as a student-athlete was incredible.” Said Assistant Professor Mikelle Barberi-Weil. “His success both in the classroom, and on the field show his determination and grit. Those attributes are certainly being showcased as he now is succeeding in his career.”

Immediately following graduation, Christensen completed an internship as a Business Development Representative, and later as an account executive for a tech startup company. Currently, Jon is a Strategy/Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst on the investments team at the Larry H. Miller company with a focus on sourcing deals.

“I absolutely loved my time in the Professional Sales program.” Said Christensen. “I’m very honored to be inducted into the Alan E. Hall of Fame!”

One of the bedrock organizations in the Utah economy, the LHM group has a larger impact than just their role in the professional sports landscape with the Utah Jazz, as well as with their auto dealerships. They also have a focus in investing in great
companies across the state. In his role for LHM, Christensen strategizes in acquiring companies with an enterprise value of $20M to $200M.

“The Professional Sales program prepared me for my current job in mergers and acquisitions.” Said Christensen. “Utah fosters a thriving startup ecosystem, and these founders need great sales people now more than ever…The Professional Sales program at Weber State has a pipeline of that sales talent.”

Barberi-Weil echoed Christensen’s comments about the program. “We love seeing alumni show the skills and talents they learned while as students.” She said. “This only reinforces what we do here in the program, and the opportunities current and future students have once they walk away with a degree in hand. Jon was incredible for what he did for us here at Weber, and we want to recognize his success that I’m sure will continue on for years to come.”

“When we sat down as faculty and looked over candidates for this award, Jon was without question one of our first picks.” Said Associate Professor Brock Adams. “He graduated with honors, all while balancing the work-life schedule of being a student athlete, and then pursuing his graduate degree. Having him as the inaugural recipient of the awards just made perfect sense.” 

The Alan E. Hall of Fame Legacy of Excellence Award highlights Professional Sales alumni on a bi-annual basis at the end of each semester. Attendees of the event include partners of the sales center, along with graduating students of the corresponding
semester. The next inductee will be in April, 2024.