Return to Weber

If your personal circumstances require you to delay enrollment or leave the university for a period of time, watch the following videos to learn what to do before you leave and how best to transition back to WSU.

Before You Leave

Video: Deferring Your Enrollment: An Introduction

Deferring Your Enrollment: An Introduction

Start here for basic information about delaying — or deferring — your enrollment.

Video: Applying for Admissions

Applying for Admissions

Complete your admissions application before you leave so everything will be ready when you return to Weber.

Video: Creating an eWeber Account

Creating an eWeber Account

Learn about Weber State’s online student portal, where you’ll apply for deferment, complete the scholarship application, register for classes and more.

Video: Applying for Scholarships

Applying for Scholarships

Fill out the scholarship application before you leave. Eligibility can change based on when you apply, and some awards might not be available at a later date.

Video: Deferring Scholarships

Deferring Scholarships

Accept your award and submit your request to put your scholarships on hold.

Video: Transferring Credit

Transferring Credit

Make sure WSU knows about college credit you’ve earned elsewhere so we’ll know exactly what you’ve already completed toward your degree.

Video:Completing a Student Information Release Form

Completing a Student Information Release Form

Appoint a parent, spouse or trusted friend to help you get everything ready for your return.

Video:15 to Finish

15 to Finish

It's important to take 15 credits every semester to make sure you finish your degree on time.

When You Return

Video: Registering for Classes

Registering for Classes

Get registration how-tos and advice.

Video: Getting Your Financial Aid In Order

Getting Your Financial Aid In Order

Learn how to reactivate scholarships and get information on tuition/financial aid.