Jumpstart to Weber: Gen Ed Courses at Tech College Rates

Starting fall 2024, get started with Gen Ed classes at Weber State at a reduced cost while still attending Davis Technical or Ogden Weber Technical College.

As part of this program, you will have a $95 per credit hour tuition rate for three, online core general education courses:

  • Political Science 1100

  • English 1010

  • Math (depending on which course you place into)

These courses will have set assignment due dates but no set meeting time. Take one or take them all!

Learn more and get started:

  1. Ask your advisor at Ogden Weber Technical College or Ogden Weber Technical College about this program. Your advisor can answer any questions and share your information with Weber State to get you admitted. It’s that easy!
  2. Once you receive your admission letter, if you plan to take math or English, take our free placement tests to ensure you are placed in the appropriate courses. 
    • If you’ve taken the ACT or a placement test at Weber State in the last two years, these scores can also be used.
    • If you’ve completed math as part of your certificate program, that can transfer to Weber if you received a course grade.
  3. Register for the courses by adding them in the "register for classes add/drop" App in your eWeber portal with the CRN provided by your advisor. 
  4. Pay tuition.
  5. Start your online class through Canvas on the first day of school. Learn more about Canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Will I be expected to attend a class at WSU? 
These courses are online, so you won’t be expected to attend an in-person class.

Will the online courses provide access to a course instructor or tutor? 
Yes, a course instructor will be in consistent communication regarding course expectations.

Can I only take one of these courses at a time? 
Take one or take them all!

Reach out to your advisor at Davis Technical or Ogden Weber Technical College with any questions.