What Rights Do Parents Have Under FERPA?

  • What rights do a parent have once a student attends college? 
    • Upon matriculation (1st day of the students admitted semester) at Weber State University, all rights to information transfer to the student. 
  • When may a parent access a student's educational records?
    • FERPA allows parental access if the student is claimed as a dependent for Federal income tax purposes.  To receive access, the parent must provided documentation (appropriate tax form with child's name listed as dependent) at the point of service.
    • Parents providing documentation of dependency may access student information, but cannot act on the students behalf except in cases of emergencies.
  • Can a parent access student information when the student is not a dependent?
    • The parent can only have access if the student is willing to release the information.
    • Students must complete the 'Student Information Release Form' and provide a signed copy to the parent.  The parent is then required to present the form at each point of service.
    • Anyone presenting a Student Information Release Form can act on the students behalf according to the permissions granted on the form.