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Parental Information

Unless the student has given their consent to share their information through a third-party release, employees may not release student data to parents, even if those individuals help pay for the student to attend. Grades, attendance, and financial aid information are all considered non-directory information, meaning they cannot be shared without the student’s prior written consent.

How can students release educational records to their parents or other individuals?

Weber State provides a Student Information Release Form in the eWeber portal that allows students to grant third parties consent to view or update their educational records. With the Student Information Release form, students can give permission for Weber State to release FERPA-protected information to other individuals.

Student Information Release

Who may receive information from the student's educational record?

  • Third parties may include any individual(s) the student designates, such as parents/guardians, spouses, siblings, children, or friends.
  • Students may designate one or more third parties to receive information.

Dependency Exception

If a parent or guardian claimed a student on last year’s federal income taxes, the school may release information to them. The parent or guardian must first provide a copy of the tax documents. After providing the appropriate documentation, parents or guardians may access student information, but they cannot make changes to the student record, including changes to the student’s registration or financial aid.

Employees must document what information was released, to whom it was released and that it was released based on the dependency exception. That document must then become part of the student's official record.