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The School of Radiologic Sciences at Weber State University’s Dumke College of Health Professions has partnered with the Medical Education & Training Campus (METC) at Joint Base San Antonio to establish a degree bridging program to assist service members who want to earn their degrees in healthcare disciplines.

  to be considered for admission to the METC Radiological Sciences program, please follow the steps below  

  • Step 1: Apply to WSU

    Apply to Weber State University.

    Weber State University (WSU) is an open-enrollment university, you can apply anytime by visiting the link above and following the application steps. Once you are admitted to WSU, you will receive a letter with your W number and can create your e-weber account.

    Visit our What's Next page for more information on creating your e-weber account and when/how that account will be useful. METC students, please be aware that you will have additional opportunities for funding then what is listed on that page.

    Transfer Student Information

    • Fill out the online application
    • Pay a $30 nonrefundable application fee
    • Submit the following: Official high school transcripts or GED documentation, ACT/SAT scores (not madatory but helps determine general education placement), and transcripts from all college, university, and/or early college.
    • International transfer students should use the international application. 

    Send all documents, materials and transcripts to:

    Weber State University
    School of Radiologic Sciences
    attn: Pamela Berg
    3891 Stadium Way, Dept 3925
    Ogden, UT 84408

  • Step 2: AART Certification and General Education

    AART Certification

    • Applicants must be AART certified to apply
    • Visit AART for more information


    General Education (AS and AA degree)

    • It is highly suggested that you complete an Associate of Arts (AA) degree or an Associate of Science (AS) degree prior to application.
    • If you already have an AA or AS degree, WSU will require students to fulfill any missing and required general education courses.
    • Please note that an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree typically does not fulfill all the necessary general education requirements.

  • Step 3: Program Application

    Visit our weber.edu/radsci/ to apply.

    • Go to the Apply drop down button
    • Choose Apply for Independent Study
    • Follow the application instructions & pay the fee

    Once your application is submitted and payment confirmed, our Independent Study Manager will prepare your file with necessary information, a contract, and a detailed list of the courses needed.

    If you have obtained certification or modality, you may be awarded credit hours upon review of your credentials. The Independent Study Manager will work with you to review any credit requirements needed to complete your Bachelor of Science degree.

    Credit hours awarded for certification are approved on an individual basis and determined by the documentation you provide.
  • Step 4: Registration

    Once your contract has been signed and sent back to us, you may call the department of Continuing Education at (801) 626-6600 to register for courses.

    Please have your W# ready before you call.

    If you choose our Independent Study (IND) (self-paced online) option, you will need to be prepared to pay for your courses at the time of registration. 
    Independent Study tuition is currently $291/credit hour for the 22/23 academic year (subject to change). For more information, visit Tuition & Payment for Independent Study.

    When you register you will be given a start and an end date for your Independent Study courses, please write these dates down.

    Upon registering for the course, you will have six months to complete course work. We encourage students to complete their courses sooner rather than later.
    Procrastination is the biggest student killer there is, especially in this type of online environment where you will likely not have an instructor reminding you of deadlines.

    Come fall semester 2022, all department instructors will have switched to Canvas. Course materials will no longer be sent to student's emails. All materials, syllabus, and assignments will be done through Canvas.


before you begin, get to know the format of our program & some important information

  • Choose Your Format

    Semester-Based Online

    All of our WSU Semester-Based Online (ONL) courses follow Weber State's academic calendar.

    Semester-based courses require you to complete assignments and exams by specific due dates. For specific deadlines and due dates, log into your online course and follow the instructions provided from the instructor. For further questions, contact your instructor.

    Independent Study (Self-Paced Online)

    With Independent Study (IND) (self-paced online) you have up to six months from your course start date to complete your class. However, some courses can be completed in a much quicker time period, and as recommended above, we suggest you finish the course sooner rather than later.

    If you are unable to complete your course within six months, contact your instructor immediately and follow their guidance. They may be able to grant you an extension for your course.

  • How to Pay

    Semester-Based Online

    • Courses count toward your full-time load
    • Tuition is the same as if you were taking the courses on campus
    • See the Campus Tuition Table


    Independent Study (Self-Paced Online)

    *Starting summer semester of 2022, independent study tuition will increase to $291 per credit hour. Non-credit, graduate-level and post-bachelor's courses will vary in price. 

  • Transcripts

    Official transcripts of your academic record from ALL previous colleges or universities attended should be submitted. 

    Sending your transcripts electronically protected is the preferred method.

    If the college or university does not provide this option, request the official transcripts be sent directly to you, then forward the UNOPENED, original sealed envelope to the following address: 

    Weber State University
    School of Radiologic Sciences
    3891 Stadium Way, Dept 3925
    Ogden, UT 84408


  • Course Materials

    Depending on the course instructor, the instructor will send you the couse materials through your e-Weber email. This is accessible through your e-Weber portal under Wildcat Mail.

    Come fall semester 2022, all department instructors will have switched to Canvas for communication and materials. Students will no longer receive course materials through their email and rather the course materials (i.e. syllabus), assignments, etc. will be done through Canvas, accessible through your e-Weber portal. 




  • Grade Submissions

    For each course, once you've completed all coursework (assignments, test, etc.) you will need to contact the instructor and let them know you are ready for your grade submission. You will do this by submitting the Request a Grade form to your instructor through your Canvas course or e-Weber email, you will receive this form in your course materials. Once done, the instructor will submit your grade, and this will conclude the course.


    We do not have anything that notifies us when grades need to be posted for a student outside of WSU's regular semester schedule. Air Force grades, or any other branch of service, must contact the Records Office at records@weber.edu to request Independent Study grade(s) be sent to your specific branch of service.

  • Course Withdrawls & Refund

    Semester-Based Online


    Independent Study (Self-Paced Online)

    • Courses may be dropped within the first thirty-six days after registration and the course(s) will not appear on a students transcripts
    • The refund schedule for Independent Study is as follows: 100% refund within 14 days, 90% within 25 days, 80% within 36 days, no refund after 37 days
    • Between days 37 and 126 after registration, students may withdraw from classes and a 'W' (withdrawal) will appear by the class on the student's transcripts
    • If a student request withdrawals between 127 and 180 days after registration, they will need an approved continuing education petition
    • To withdraw, email ce-enrollment@weber.edu from your Wildcat email account, be sure to include your W#


    If you receive Financial Aid, you were awarded your assistance based on a certain number of credit hours for the semester. If you do not successfully complete the number of credit hours per semester that your award was based on, you may jeopardize future funding. For questions, contact the Financial Aid Office. Email:finaid@weber.edu; Phone: 801-626-7569.

  • Credit for Military Training

    Weber State University gives you two ways of getting credit for your military training. 

    Option 1: WSU's DD-214 Military Credit

    • Students who have completed at least 24 months of active military service may be granted a maximum of 10 credit hours. These credits are awarded as HLTH 1030 (3 credit hours), which could work towards satisfying the General Education Social Sciences requirement, plus another 7 elective credit hours.
    • Students who have completed four or more years in the National Guard or reserve unit will be awarded HLTH 1030 and 7 elective credit hours.
    • Although not required, when applying for Option 1 Military Credit, it is highly recommended that you meet with an appropriate advisor for your program of study before applying for it. It is also recommended that you include application for this credit at the same time as any credit from your JST credit (see option 2). 

    Option 2: Joint Services Transcript (JST) Military Credit Evaluation 

    • Additional credit may be granted for military schooling if specific requirements are met. (Credit may be awarded as elective credit. Certain credits may also be articulated as equivalent to WSU coursework, if applicable.)
    • The JST option does not apply for US Air Force or Defense Language Institute training. Because they are regionally accredited institutions, any student with Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and/or Defense Language Institute (DLI) transcripts must have them sent directly from those schools to Weber State University Admissions Office to be evaluated. This is not optional. 
    • Military credit will be evaluated and applied only if it can be applied to a legitimate undergraduate degree program. 
    • Students who already have a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for military credit evaluations. 
  • Additional Resources

    Below we've listed some additional WSU resources that might be helpful for you.

    Feel free to connect with our Independent Study manager at (801) 626-6619 for more information.


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