Per Diem Rates

Per Diem is defined in the Policies and Procedures manual as follows:

  • Per diem - a daily allowance for personal expenses while traveling for the University, i.e., meals, personal phone calls, dry cleaning, etc. on travel requiring overnight stay.
  • The institution will provide a per diem only when an overnight stay is required.



Per Diem Rate Schedule
Departure Day Per Diem Rate

Leave 12:01am-10:00am


Leave 10:01am-4:00pm


Leave 4:01pm-Midnight


Interim Full Days


Return Day Per Diem


Return 12:01am-10:00am


Return 10:01am-4:00pm


Return 4:01pm-Midnight


Per diem for extended day travel is $15.  Extended day travel is defined as same day travel over 10 hours in length, and where more than 100 miles was traveled each way.