Obtaining a P-Card

  • The Purchasing Card Application (P-Card) is available via the eWeber portal Purchasing Card Request app. New P-Card applications require approval from the requester's supervisor, Accounting Services, and Purchasing. Once a P-Card application has been submitted, the requester's supervisor will be notified via email. The supervisor's email will have a link to the Purchasing Card Request app to update the P-Card's Index/FOAPAL, select whether the P-Card is for purchasing, travel or both and approve the application. 
  • Training:  Once the P-Card application has gone through the appropriate approvals, a new P-Card will be ordered and an appointment for P-Card/Travel training will be sent via WSU Faculty/Staff email.  Cardholders are required to complete training and to sign a Cardholder Agreement Form (PDF) before a new P-Card will be issued.  Please contact the Purchasing Card Coordinator at ext. 7113 if there is a immediate need for training, otherwise training sessions are scheduled every other week or on an as-needed basis.