Helpful Hints On Travel

Airfare Tips:

1. When working with the travel agency with the state contract, always have them check the state contract rate. You should never pay more than state contract rates. These tickets also have certain advantages. Tickets purchased at state contract rates can be changed or cancelled without penalty fees and they don't require a minimum number of advance purchase days.

2. Be sure to check your airline ticket as soon as you receive it to verify that the travel dates, destination and times are what you requested. Airlines usually assess penalty fees for changes and cancellations.

Hotel Tips:

1. Ask for the best rate available. In some cases a local promotion may be less than your booked rate. Often a hotel will, at the last minute, release a block of rooms being held and lower rates will be available.

2. Be sure to know what your booked rate includes (breakfast, free local calls, etc.) to make sure you are getting the better rate.

3. Ask about the availability of lower rates when you check in.

4. Guaranteed reservations means that the hotel will hold your room until you arrive. It also means that if you do not cancel according to the hotel's policy, you will be charged for one night's stay.

5. Always request and check hotel confirmations. Hotels may assess penalty fees for changes and you want to be sure the nights of stay and rates are correct.

Internet Web Pages to Find Special Travel Fares:


Other Helpful Internet Web Pages:

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