Workers Compensation

No. 3-56    Rev. 2-8-90      Date   8-17-77    



  • PPM 3-56a, Job-Related Accidents and Injuries
  • PPM 3-57, Safety/Accident and Injury Prevention
  • PPM 3-58, Accident Reporting Procedures (Not Job-Related)


A. Weber State University provides workers compensation coverage through Workers Compensation Fund (WCF), a state-approved insurance plan. Employees are covered by and subject to the Utah Employment Security Act.

B. All work-related injuries must be reported promptly to the supervisor and Environmental Health and Safety Office (see PPM 3-56a, Job-Related Accidents and Injuries).

C. Benefits provided to salaried employees will be continued during the period of leave for an industrial injury provided the employee continues to pay his/her share of the costs.  


The following procedures will be used to coordinate workers compensation benefits:

A. Weber State will pay the salary (or average daily wage for hourly employees) during the first three days of absence caused by an on-the-job injury. If an employee is absent for more than 14 days, the refund from WCF for the first three days will belong to Weber State.

B. Beginning with the fourth day of absence, hourly employees will receive payment from WCF without additional payment from Weber State. Salaried employees will receive their regular salary and be charged one hour of sick leave for every three hours they are absent (one day for every three days) until the accrued sick leave has been exhausted. An employee may also choose to use accrued vacation in the same proportion to extend the period of full pay. During employees' absences, checks received from WCF are the property of Weber State. When accrued sick leave and vacation are completely used, the salaried employee will receive the WCF checks without additional payment from Weber State.

C. Advanced sick leave may only be approved by the supervising vice president.

D. If an on-the-job injury claim is refused by WCF, the injury must be regarded as non-work related and the absence treated in the same manner as other non-work related medical absences.