Faculty Responsibilities, Ethics and Standards of Behavior


No. 9-3 Rev. 12-1-87 Date 3-7-74




AAUP Statement of Professional Ethics (1966)

PPMs 9-9 through 9-18


The University endorses the 1966 "Statement of Professional Ethics" issued by the American Association of University Professors. These statements on ethics are derived from general professional consensus about the existence of certain precepts basic to acceptable faculty behavior.

From these statements of ethical principles may be derived certain faculty responsibilities and accompanying standards of professional behavior which are specified in PPMs 9-4 through 9-8 of this Manual. In articulating these standards, clear distinction is made between the statement of ethical principles and the identification of standards of faculty behavior. The ethical principles are statements of the ideal and, as such, preclude any attempt to apply disciplinary sanctions against the faculty members who fail to live up to them. Standards of professional behavior, however, delineate standards of conduct, the violation of which are sanctionable under the disciplinary procedures spelled out in PPMs 9-9 through 9-18 dealing with due process and enforcement procedures. Although the statements of professional standards of behavior cannot be considered exhaustive, any actions involving unspecified unlawful conduct shall be handled with extreme care, within specified procedures and adequate safeguards and with respect for faculty rights of due process.

Faculty responsibilities which are the product of these ethical principles and statements of professional behavior may be delineated in terms of responsibility to self and profession, to students, to colleagues, to the University and to the community (see PPMs 9-4 through 9-8).