Security at Weber State University Hearings

     No. 9-20      Rev.   Date 6-2-94



PPM 3-31, Staff Employee Grievances (With Provision for Certain Hourly Empl.)

PPM 3-31A, Due Process for Staff Members in the Case of Student Grievances

PPM 3-33, Discipline (Staff Employees)

PPMs 6-23 through 6-31, Student Due Process - Eliminated from PPM

PPMs 9-9 through 9-17, Faculty Due Process


A. Weber State University endeavors to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, guests, and visitors participating in administrative hearings on the campus. In furtherance of this intention and in order to provide appropriate security at such hearings, the following procedures will take place:

B. All Faculty Board of Review hearings, Personnel Relations Committee hearings, and Student Board of Appeals hearings will be held in a designated hearing room. Any other hearings wherein there is reasonable suspicion or cause to believe that harm or danger may occur to any individual involved, will also be held in the designated hearing room. In addition, presiding officers in their sole discretion following consultation with interested parties may elect to hold a meeting/hearing in the designated hearing room.

C. The entrance to the designated hearing room will be equipped with a metal detector through which all persons must pass. If a person entering the room activates the metal detector, he/she will be requested to submit to a hand-held metal detector search administered by a Weber State University Police officer.

D. In addition to the above, each person entering the designated hearing room will be subject to a visual inspection of the contents of his/her parcels, purses, bags, packs or other containers or clothing capable of carrying weapons or other dangerous devices of any kind.

E. No person refusing to submit to the search procedures described above or found to be carrying weapons or other dangerous devices of any kind will be permitted to enter the designated hearing room.

F. No pat-down body searches are permitted unless reasonably required to assure the personal safety of those present.

G. A uniformed Weber State University Police officer will be present in the designated hearing room during the entire hearing.

H. Written notice of this search policy shall be given to all hearing participants and posted on the entrance to the designated hearing room not less than 24 hours prior to the time set for the hearing.