No. 9-18       Rev. 12-1-87   Date 10-7-81




Decisions to resign should be submitted by the faculty member in writing to the immediate supervisor at the earliest feasible date. Decisions to retire from Weber State University should be submitted in accordance with the policy on retirement. In order to facilitate continued operation of the program, such written notification of intention to resign or retire shall be considered binding if not rescinded by the faculty member in writing within five working days of the date of submission. The immediate supervisor will advise the president through normal administrative channels of such decisions and the president will make whatever announcement may be necessary and desirable. Termination of a contract before the end of the appointment period results in the forfeiture of accumulated leave and all rights and privileges as a faculty member. Faculty members who resign at the end of their contracts also terminate all rights and privileges, such as rank and tenure, which they enjoy as faculty members.