Credit for Time Served in Rank at Other Institutions

No.   8-8   Rev.   7-8-93    Date     11-12-80  


Time served in rank in other institutions may be counted toward the minimum eligibility period in the rank to which a person is appointed at Weber State University. The academic department, the dean, the provost and the candidate for appointment shall reach an agreement as to how many years of service, and at what institutions, will be considered in determining possible future promotions. If more than three years credit is to be awarded, the provost must also consider the recommendation of the college Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee. This agreement shall be made in writing and shall become part of the candidate's professional file. It is the responsibility of the provost that such an agreement be reached at the time of appointment. In the event that the candidate is so advised and no agreement is made, the college Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee shall not consider prior experience as part of the minimum eligibility period for advancement in rank.