Duration of Faculty Appointments

No.  8-7   Rev.  05-9-19     Date  11-12-80     






All tenure track appointments shall be so specified in the initial contract. The probationary period is described in the PPM 8-23. During the probationary period, tenure track faculty members will be subject to the review policy as described in PPM 8-11, the termination policy described in PPM 8-10, 8-25,9-16 and 9-17, and enjoy the protections outlined in section 9-9 and 9-17. A tenure track position may have special conditions imposed by the department and college, with the advice and approval of the provost, for valid but exceptional reasons.

Faculty appointed to a tenure track position from a contract position shall receive a new contract stating change of status which clearly indicates whether any years of service on non-tenure track are to be considered towards tenure and/or promotion.


In all appointments not specifically described as tenure track, faculty appointments will be non-tenure track. Initial appointments will be for one year and subsequent appointments will be for a maximum of three years, as described below.  Reappointment after the expiration of a contract is at the university's sole discretion.  In situations where a programmatic need cannot be met through normal tenure track hiring procedures, a department may be allowed, upon recommendation of the dean and approval of the provost,  to reappoint a contract faculty to a two or three-year contract.

Each year the department chair and dean shall review their contract faculty and the need for the positions before deciding on reappointment.  If a decision is made not to re-appoint, the individual must be notified by June 30 or, in the case of an appointment expiring during an academic year, by the anniversary date of the appointment.  Contract faculty in their first year of employment will be formally reviewed by a faculty committee consisting of one faculty chosen by the contract faculty member, one faculty chosen by the chair, and at least one faculty elected by the department.  This committee may include faculty from outside the contract faculty member's department and must include at least two faculty members on tenure-track or tenured appointments.  By April 1, this committee will make a recommendation to the department chair regarding reappointment.  After the first year formal review, contract faculty employed continuously will be reviewed every three years using the above review process.

If an individual on a contract appointment transfers to a tenure track position, a maximum of two years credit may be applied toward tenure.

To fill a position of this type, a department should determine an appropriate job description and appropriate credentials and then follow the procedures of PPM 8-6. Contracts for such positions should be written so that candidates understand and agree that there is no de facto tenure associated with the position and that there is no expectation of further employment beyond the termination date of their contract.