Service at Other Institutions as Part of Probationary Period for Tenure

No. 8-24 Rev. 05-09-06 Date 5-13-81 (formerly 8-22)


Up to two years of satisfactory full-time service at other accredited institutions of higher education may normally be counted as part of the probationary period at Weber State University. In exceptional cases, more than two years' credit may be granted. In any event, credit for two years or fewer of service at other institutions shall be negotiated between the appointee and the dean, upon recommendation of and in consultation with the department chair and approval by the provost. If more than two years' credit is to be awarded, the provost must also consider the recommendation of the college Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee. Years of credit for service at other institutions and the time line for formal reviews shall be included in the initial contract of employment issued by Weber State University.