Action by College Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committees

No.  8-18   Rev.  01-19-05     Date    5-13-81 (formerly 8-31)   


The college Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee shall review the files of all candidates for advancement in rank, and the files of all tenure track faculty who are in their third or sixth year of probationary standing shall be forwarded by the department Committee chair. The Committee shall inform the dean in writing of its recommendations, adding its own evaluation, and inform the dean that the files are ready for review. The Committee shall also send copies of its recommendations to the department chair and the candidate in accordance with the dated guidelines contained in PPM 8-12.

Committee recommendations for advancement in rank, for tenure or for making favorable progress toward tenure shall require a majority vote of the total Committee membership. A quorum, for voting purposes, shall consist of 75% of the Committee membership. Individual Committee members may issue a separate dissenting or concurring evaluation, which shall be forwarded to the dean and placed in the respective candidate's file.

Exception: Probationary candidates or their department chair, dean or the provost, may, in any other year of probationary standing, request a formal review. If a request is not made in writing according to dated guidelines contained in PPM 8-12, no review is to be made.