Operation of University Radio Station

No. 7-6  
Rev.     Date 4-20-77



Policy and Procedures No. 7-5, Radio Station


A. Major Objectives
1. Provide quality FM radio service to the citizens of Weber County in the public interest, convenience, and necessity. 

2. Provide a training laboratory for Weber State University students interested in careers in electronics and broadcasting.

3. Provide noncommercial educational, cultural, and musical programming to the citizens of Weber County.

4. Provide a communication channel for students, faculty, and staff of Weber State University for public service activities. 
B. Responsibility for the execution of these objectives rest with the Department of Communication and individuals properly appointed to carry out the details of KWCR-FM station operation. 
C. Administration
1. The chairperson of the Department of Communication is designated by the president of Weber State University as chief administrator for the operation of KWCR-FM. 
2. Duties and responsibilities of the chairperson of the Department of Communication are: 

a. Act as representative of Weber State University in all transactions between the FCC and Weber State University in matters pertaining to the maintenance and operation of KWCR-FM.

b. Prepare and sign all correspondence required by the FCC Rules and Regulations as it pertains to the daily operation of KWCR-FM. 

c. Prepare and sign all pertinent forms required by the FCC for the renewal of KWCR-FM's license.

d. Act as final authority in all problems relating to the daily operation of KWCR-FM radio. 
D. Station Operation
1. The daily operation of KWCR-FM is the responsibility of the director of broadcasting, who is appointed by the chairperson of the Department of Communication with the approval of the president of Weber State University. The director of broadcasting will assume the title of GENERAL MANAGER of KWCR-FM and his/her duties are as follows: 

a. Articulate the policies of the license-owner.

b. Coordinate and guide the departments comprising the total station staff. This coordination should be part of Speech 173, which is designed to give students university credit for broadcasting activities.

c. Be responsible for the relationship of the station to the outside community and to all internal institutions and organizations. 

d. Devise and maintain efficient on-the-air procedures for the station as a whole and as a collection of individual departments.

e. Oversee and evaluate the work of student department heads.

f. Screen and approve all program material prepared by all departments.

g. Be in charge of "administrative" activities such as finance, personnel, etc.

2. Two students to serve in the management positions for KWCR-FM will be chosen each year by the director of broadcasting and the chairperson of the Department of Communication from applications submitted to the director of broadcasting general manager. Tuition scholarships will be granted to the two top applicants. These applicants will assume the duties of STUDENT STATION MANAGER and STUDENT PROGRAM DIRECTOR. During the spring quarter, the newly appointed managers will work with previous managers until operating procedures are familiar. The duties and responsibilities of the two student management positions are:

a. Supervise the daily operations of all units and students of KWCR-FM. 

b. Execute policies set by the general manager and/or ownership.

c. Be responsible for the daily scheduling of all local and network programming.

d. Supervise all broadcast talent not registered for Speech 173 or attached to the staff of KWCR-FM.

e. Have primary supervision of "public service," "public affairs," "sports broadcasts," and "remote broadcasts."

f. Assist in the development and supervision of locally originated programs and announcements.

g. Supervise the auditioning and selection of program materials and talent.


a Supervisory

b. Responsible to the general manager.

c. Collaborates with student program director in program execution.

d. Collaborates with general manager in overseeing the design and scheduling of program materials.

3. The CHIEF ENGINEER for KWCR-FM will be chosen by the director of broadcasting and chairperson of the Department of Communication from qualified holders of a first class radio-telephone license as the need may arise. Candidate for this position must submit a written application with proof of competent work to the director of broadcasting and/or chairperson of the Department of Communication. The duties and responsibilities of the chief engineer are as follows:

a. To be responsible for overall technical operation of KWCR-FM.

b. To supervise all aspects of engineering for KWCR-FM.

c. To execute policies set by the general manager and/or ownership.

d. To be in charge of operations and maintenance of transmitter, studio, and remote equipment.

e. To be in charge of maintaining necessary technical records for FCC inspection.

f. To keep all engineering logs and records.

g. To help design, build, or install new equipment for special program purposes.

h. To work with student program director in planning program equipment needs.

i. Chief Engineering Position: Supervisor responsible to the general manager and chairman of the Department of Communication.

4. All other staff positions for KWCR-FM will be designated as ANNOUNCER/DISC JOCKEY. FCC rules and regulations require a third class radio-telephone license for live radio work. No announcer/disc jockey will be allowed on the air without supervision who does not have this license. Duties and responsibilities of announcer/disc jockey are as follows:

a. Speak and read on the air.

b. Plan and perform specific programs.

c. Keep (i.e. "fill out") the official program logs.

d. To select from approved lists recorded music for use in programs.

e. To compile newscasts from network or wire service copy.

f. Announcer/Disc Jockey Position: Responsible to student station manager, coordinates with general manager for credit in Speech 173, collaborates with program director in execution of scheduled programs.

E. Hours of Station Operation

1. KWCR-FM will sign on the air at 2 p.m. each Monday through Friday. it will remain on the air until 10 p.m. with hours to be extended until 12 midnight when staff availability is such that these hours may be effectively maintained.

2. KWCR-FM is licensed by the FCC with no specific operation time limits. Because of this license designation, station hours may be extended on Saturday as third class radio-telephone holders are available.

F. Use of Studio Facilities and Equipment

KWCR-FM studios will be used by broadcast classes during the morning hours before sign-on. Use of the facilities during these hours should be arranged with the general manager.

G. Programming Format

1. KWCR-FM programming format will be determined each spring by the general manager and student station manager. Any changes in programming format must be approved by the general manager.

2. Balanced educational and musical programming will be maintained to comply with promises made by Weber State University in their original license application.