Attendance Tracking for Financially-Aided and Veteran Students

No. 6-7     Rev. 05-11-04       Date 6-14-90   





Title IV Regulation 690.80

Student Withdraws, Drops Out, or is Expelled Before First Day of Class

All funds awarded to a student for a payment period under the title IV, U.S. Code (Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan) and/or by the State of Utah (Utah Centennial Opportunity Program for Education, Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership), whether for institutional or non-institutional costs, are considered to be an overpayment if the student officially withdraws, drops out, or is expelled before his or her first day of class of that payment period. For these purposes, if the institution is unable to document the student's attendance at any class during the payment period, the student is considered to have dropped out.

The institution must return the overpayment to the respective Title IV programs in the amount that the student received from each program.

"Certification of Students Under Veterans' Laws," prepared by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, has a similar regulation:

7.04 Institutional Liability

The reporting of changes in enrollment is a twofold responsibility involving the student and the institution. . . The certifying official is responsible for submitting information regarding (1) changes in hours of credit or enrollment, (2) unsatisfactory progress or conduct, and/or (3) interruption and termination of attendance of each veteran, serviceperson, reservist, or eligible person. These events must be reported (and received by the DVA) no later than 30 days after the occurrence.


Weber State will comply with these regulations to assure the institution's continuing participation in Federal programs that benefit students and to avoid institutional liability.


A. Training - Faculty training programs will be provided regularly to inform faculty of the regulations and procedures developed to comply with the regulations.

B.  Attendance - During the grade input process at the end of each semester/term, the student information system is programmed to require instructors to enter the last date of attendance for each student who is given an E (failing grade), I (incomplete), T (temporary), or UW (unofficial withdrawal).  The system will not accept the electronic grade sheet unless this information is entered.  Withdrawal (W) information, including the last date of attendance, is entered into the system as students submit withdrawal cards to the Registration Office.  The financial Aid Office subsequently accesses this information relative to financially-aided students in order to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws.

C. Distribution of Funds - Funds awarded to eligible students, which are identified as residual (used for other than tuition and fees, books, supplies, and room and board), will be distributed following the third week of each semester. Students will provide to the administration evidence from their instructors that they are attending, and that their names appear on the third week, or official class roll.