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Orientation is designed to ease the transition of new students into the university community. This is a collaborative process which helps students understand what requirements are expected from them and what

services/resource are provided for them. Orientation aids students' efficiency in successfully attaining their desired outcomes.

Orientation Objectives:

A. To familiarize students with student services, student activities, and the Weber State University campus.

B. To inform students about the procedures for obtaining parking permits, Wildcards, and E-mail accounts, etc.

C. To help students connect to WSU and remain with the institution until graduation.

D. To provide an advisement component including information about:

1. Policies and procedures such as CR/NC and Auditing courses

2. Requirements for Associate and Bachelor degrees

3. Degree specifications (i.e. BS, BA, BFA, BM, & BIS)

4. General Education requirements

5. Assessment and placement of incoming students.


Orientation is strongly recommended for all new and transfer students entering Weber State University.

A. Orientation may be completed by any one of the following options:

1. Formal sessions offered at various times during the year to accommodate the varied student clientele of the University

2. First Year Experience (FYE) Introduction to the University course