Recording Fee

No. 6-17    Rev. 04-28-04      Date 3-10-82       





There will be a recording fee for credit hour transactions to a student's permanent transcript other than those involving course work completed at Weber State University. Therefore, when credit hours are recommended and approved for the following types of credit, the fee will be charged.

A. Military credit evaluated by either the director of admissions or that recommended by a department chairperson.

B. Nontraditional experience evaluated and recommended for credit by a department chairperson.

C. Training programs at nonaccredited institutions of either an academic or vocational nature as evaluated and recommended for credit by a department chairperson (including foreign institutions).

D. Special Examination credit.

E. College Level Examination credit.

F. Advanced Placement Examination credit.

G. Other.


A. The student will pick up recording fee application at the graduation window.

B. The application should be properly completed and presented to the Cashier's Office for payment.

C. The receipted application will then be attached to the approved request for credit.

D. The student will present the receipted recording fee application and the approved request for credit to the Records Office for processing.