Student Health Center

No. 6-14     Rev. 09-04-12       Date 3-10-82       



A. Health care is available at the Weber State University Health Center to all full and part time currently enrolled Weber State University students. There are no charges for physician visits, however a few of the services provided at the health center, such as designated lab testing, x-ray, and pharmacy, have charges associated with them.  

B.  The health center is a student fee funded facility.  Faculty and staff may use the health center as a courtesy service but are charged for the physician visit and any other procedures/services provided during visits.  The health center is not intended for use as their primary provider site.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to use their own primary provider for health care issues.  Insurance billing is not done for any charges incurred by faculty or staff, and payment is requested at the time of the service.

C. Students, faculty, and staff must show current Weber State University identification when health care services are requested.