Eligibility for Student Activities

No. 6-11    Rev. 04-28-04       Date 4-20-77       





The Admissions, Standards, and Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate, composed of students, faculty, and administration, shall interpret all rules governing the eligibility for participation in organized student activities at Weber State University in accordance with the following standards:

A. All organization officers, leaders, and members with authority to represent the organization both within and outside the university, must be matriculated students, currently enrolled, and working toward a degree or certification. Furthermore, they must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (C average).

B. Participants in university activities should also meet the above criteria. Organization leaders and advisors must be prepared to justify the participation of persons not meeting these criteria, particularly when such participation results in the denial of opportunity for bona fide Weber State University students.

C. Within the above parameters, specific programs, organizations, and activities may establish more stringent eligibility standards provided that such standards are consistent with the university's nondiscrimination policies.

D. In order to represent Weber State University in intercollegiate athletics, students must comply with the eligibility regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees of the university, and the constitutions and operating codes of the NCAA, the Big Sky Conference, and the Mountain West Conference.

Complaints or grievances regarding the eligibility of individuals should be directed to the chairperson of the Admissions, Standards, and Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate for adjudication by the committee.