Course Syllabus

No. 4-9a     Rev.  02-07-2017    Date 9-4-79       



1-18     Department Chairs
3-54     Sale of Materials to Students
4-19a   Retention of Student Records
4-21     Final Examinations
6-22     Student Code
8-11     Evaluation of Faculty Members
9-5       Faculty Responsibilities to Students


A.   Faculty members shall prepare a syllabus for each course they teach, distribute it to students enrolled in the course during the first week of class but no later than the end of the second week, place it on file with the department chair, and retain it for at least a year.

B.   The syllabus must contain the following information.

1.   The general content of the course.

2.   Course requirements (exams, assignments, quizzes) and their due dates, isf available.

3.   Instructor office hours or other means of availability for students.

4.   The procedures and criteria for academic evaluation in the course.

5.   Student learning outcomes.

6.   Directions to students in face-to-face or hybrid courses about how the class will continue remotely in case of an emergency that closes or prevents reasonable access to campus.