Children in the Classroom

No.  4-23   Rev. 02-04-04      Date  4-13-89     


In general, children, including infants, are not allowed at Weber State University except in certain areas and under certain circumstances. University facilities and courses are not designed for children. Children who are brought into classrooms by student-parents may disrupt the work of other students and the instructor.

Because of the special nature and purpose of classroom instruction at Weber State University, children are not allowed in classes unless prior approval (24 hours in advance) is obtained from the instructor of each class. If permission to bring the child into the class is obtained and the child becomes disruptive, the person responsible for the child must immediately remove the child from the classroom. If the person responsible for the child does not do so, the instructor has the right to require both parties to leave the classroom.

In emergency situations where prior approval cannot be obtained before coming to campus, the student shall seek approval before the start of class and abide by the decision of the instructor. If approval is not given, the student will not bring the child to class. Furthermore, children must not be left unattended in halls or any other place on campus.

Children will not be allowed in courses that involve the use of hazardous materials or items that could be considered dangerous in any way to children. The "hazardous nature" of these courses is determined by individual instructors.