Students Representing Weber State University

No. 4-22    Rev. 02-04-04      Date   4-20-77    


Many of our students at Weber State University have been actively recruited to our campus by scholarships or other means because of their talents and skills in a variety of areas. While in school, they are frequently required to leave the campus to display these talents and skills in the name of Weber State University at forensic tournaments, musical or drama productions, athletic events, etc.

This being the case, it is assumed that professors and administrators will be helpful, cooperative and fair in dealing with these students in terms of exams, assignments and other course requirements which may be missed or delayed because the student is off-campus in a supervised, University-sponsored activity. Inasmuch as these students represent the University, they should be given more favorable consideration in the application of class requirements and procedures than those students who simply skip class or miss class for some inexcusable reason. Efforts should be made to assist legitimately-excused students engaged in University-sponsored activities to compete academically with students whose attendance may not be officially interrupted.

Students who are to be officially absent must make every effort to inform teachers and make necessary arrangements as far as tests and assignments are concerned. It is expected that the arrangements mutually agreed upon by teacher and student will be respected and carried out by both parties.