Final Examinations

No. 4-21     Rev. 05-09-06    Date 4-20-77      

A. Comprehensive final examinations are to be given only during the designated examination period of each term. These periods are scheduled by the University and not by the individual instructor. Comprehensive final examinations shall not be given during the week preceding the designated examination period for each term. Make-up examinations and/or non-comprehensive exams previously scheduled on the syllabus may be given. However, at least five calendar days must separate a terminal course exam and a comprehensive final exam. Courses exempt from this policy include graduate courses, online courses, courses that meet only once a week, 1-2 credit hour courses, courses that use performances as a final assessment, and courses that use a laboratory experience as a final assessment.

B. Students with special needs should make arrangements with their instructors. (For A.D.A. concerns refer to PPM 3-34.)