Termination of Faculty Appointment

No.  3-10a   Rev.       Date   9-4-79    


A. Termination of faculty services to Weber State University is presently determined by the following regulations:

1. A faculty member initiates the termination by resigning from the position.

2. A faculty member is terminated during the probationary appointment at the end of a contract period by administrative action in accordance with the academic tenure policies.

3. A faculty member with tenure is terminated for adequate cause as determined by the Board of Trustees on recommendation of the president (academic tenure and due process policies).

B. Termination of service in all three categories listed implies:

1. Automatic loss of tenure

2. Automatic loss of rank and all privileges associated with such rank except in cases of retirement

C. If the department intends to rehire a faculty member after the services have been terminated by administrative and Board of Trustees action, the following guidelines are to be observed:

1. The individual under consideration for rehiring is to be treated like a new faculty member.  The rank will be established in accordance with University hiring policies.

2. The faculty member does not have tenure status unless a specific agreement between the provost, dean of the college, departmental faculty, and the rehired person is reached, whereby it becomes a condition of re-employment.  In all such cases, the president has the final authority of decision.

3. Tenure committees will be established for each rehired faculty member.  They may consider previous service as a factor for granting tenure to the rehired person but are not bound to do so.


The appropriate dean is to prepare an employment release form for all employees who are to be terminated.  Submission of this form to the President's Office will eliminate payroll complications and facilitate checkout of equipment, library materials, keys, etc., for the employee.