Acquisition and Control of Non-Library Books

     No. 2-7      Rev.     Date 4-20-77




A. Books acquired by any department of the University other than the University Library, through research contracts and grants, development funds or general funds, shall be controlled by the requisitioning department.

B. All books acquired by University departments, except those acquired with funds from a grant or contract which restricts marking or identifying books should be stamped by the department ordering the books.  Books should be stamped "Weber State University" on the title page and top edge of the book.

C. Title to all books purchased under research or training contracts or grants shall be vested according to the agency regulations at the time of the acquisition.  At the termination of the contract or grant, such books will become the property of the University or returned to the awarding agency if required by agency regulation.  It is the primary responsibility of the principal investigator to comply with the specific grant or contract regulation.  Books not reverting to the contract granting agency should be stamped by the department and, if no longer needed by the department, forwarded to the University Library.

D. Terminating faculty and staff members should return all non-library books to their department chair or immediate superior.

E. Departmental collections developed with non-library book purchases will come under the jurisdiction of the Dean of the LIbrary when they exceed one thousand titles.