University Archives

     No. 2-6      Rev.    Date 4-20-77



A. University Records

All written or printed books, papers, letters, documents, maps, plans, photographs, sound recordings and other records made or received pursuant to state law and in connection with the operation of the University in all its facets.

B. University Archives

The official depository for all non-current University records of permanent or historic value not required to remain with the originating office.

C. Records Management

The application of efficient and economical methods to the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation and disposal of records.


A. The University archivist has the responsibility and authority to develop and maintain the Archives.

B. All University records are public records and cannot be destroyed or otherwise disposed of except as provided by state law (Laws of Utah, 1969, Chapter 212).

C. The originating offices shall be responsible for the maintenance and preservation of all University records under their control until officially transferred to the University Archives or disposed of in accordance with University policy and state law.

D. All University records of permanent or historic value should be transferred to the University Archives when their value for general research exceeds their administrative and research value to the originating office.

E. In the interest of assuring the proper preservation of materials pertaining to the University and the maximum utility of these materials, each college shall forward a copy of all publications issued by it to the University Archives.

F. The office of origin will prepare an inventory of materials being transferred to accompany the materials to Archives in provenance order.  This inventory will be verified by the archivist and a copy returned to the office of origin.

G. The University archivist shall provide assistance to the various University offices by providing storage space for non-current records, by securing authorization as provided by state law to dispose of useless records and by furnishing technical assistance in the establishment of records management programs.

H Access to records will be by authorization of the issuing agency.