Establishment of Independent Libraries

No. 2-3 Rev. Date 4-20-77





A. It is the official policy of the University to concentrate its library resources and services in the central library. This policy will protect the quality and integrity of the central library which is the learning center of the University and will prevent an unnecessary duplication of library materials and decentralization of library services.

B. The establishment of independent libraries for either colleges or departments is discouraged. Exceptions can be made only by approval of the president. Proposals for the establishment of libraries must be justified entirely on their own merits, independently of precedent or established criteria. The president will consider such proposals only after they have been thoroughly reviewed by the director of libraries and the Library Policy Committee.

C. Unless otherwise provided for by the president, all college or departmental libraries shall be operated under the jurisdiction of the director of libraries as part of the central library system, and all funds that may be provided for such libraries shall be administered by the Dean of the Library through the general library budget.