Authorization to Accept Gifts

No. 2-2 Rev. 12-13-11  Date 4-20-77


PPM 1-2, Board of Trustees, Role of


A. The president has the authority to accept gifts of any nature which, in his/her judgment, will be beneficial to the University. Such gifts are subject to ratification by the Board of Trustees.

B. The University will not establish a value for gifts-in-kind.


A. All gifts are to be receipted through the Office of Advancement Services.  Gift reports are distributed to the President and Board of Trustees.

B. All individuals receiving gifts in the name of Weber State University should deliver the donation or evidence of the donation to the Office of Advancement Services and notify the Development Office immediately so the donation will be deposited and the appropriate recognition of the donor and expression of appreciation of the University for the gift will be initiated.

C. Upon receipt of a gift of cash, securities or kind, the Office of Advancement Services will generate a receipt that is sent to the donor.  The gift, or its proceeds, are deposited with Accounting Services through the Cashier's Office following their established procedures. 

D. Most gifts made directly to the University through the Office of Advancement Services are subject to review as to the desirability, value and function of the gift. If there is a question concerning the utilization or practicality of any gifts, it is referred to President's Council and the Board of Trustees. There are occasions when donors may leave or deliver to the University certain gifts, particularly in kind, without receiving prior approval in which case the University will act in the best interest of the donor as is practical. The vice president for University Advancement coordinates and follows through on all such matters brought to his/her attention.

E. The University Development Office is the official department authorized by the Board of Trustees to solicit private gifts, bequests, properties, etc., for the University.  These gifts are administered by the assigned responsible campus entity pursuant to terms of Gift Agreements established by the donor, the appropriate campus unit(s), and the Development Office.

It is the policy of the Development Office that gifts of kind or any other unusual or special nature are subject to the review of the vice president for University Advancement, President's Council, and Board of Trustees.  If necessary, final decision on questionable gifts are referred to President's Council or the Board of Trustees.

F.  Donors of gifts of an unusual or substantial amount receive a letter either from the vice president for University Advancement or the president of the University. The president of the University receives an Advice of Gift notification on all gifts received by the University which carries a notation as to which gifts should receive presidential acknowledgement. 

G. All donations to the University receive a personally signed correspondence from the vice president for University Advancement in addition to an acknowledgement and gift receipt, unless the donor requests no recognition or acknowledgement.

H. The Office of Advancement Services reviews all gifts to assure proper acknowledgement has been sent.  Accounting Services reviews deposits of gifts to make sure they are deposited to appropriate accounts. 

I. A variety of special awards or acknowledgements are provided by the Development Office including citations, resolutions, plaques, recognition dinners, apparel, personal tokens, parking privileges, and presentations appropriate to the amount and nature of the gift.