Memorialization of University Facilities

     No. 2-14      Rev. 10-20-82      Date 10-15-78



PPM 2-1, Solicitation of Gifts from Private Sources

PPM 2-2, Authorization to Accept Gifts


A. Campus buildings, rooms, areas, features or facilities may be memorialized or named in honor of a person or persons having made a significant contribution to the growth and stature of the University through exceptional service, professional attainment, community contribution or by way of appropriate financial assistance.

B. The Office of University Development should be consulted prior to any presentation or proposal pertaining to a memorialization commitment.  Subsequent coordination with either the chief administrators of the University or the Board of Trustees will follow.

C. The Board of Trustees of the University reserves the right to approve the memorialization of campus features in a manner relative to the nature of the contribution.

D. No building, facility or feature of the campus will be titled or memorialized in the name of a University employee (administrator, faculty, staff or student) for a minimum of five (5) years following the employee's death or separation from the University.


A. Recommendation for memorializing campus facilities including buildings, rooms, plazas, areas, etc., will be submitted to the president for his review and recommendation to the Buildings and Grounds Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees.  Normally, such recommendations will be made annually.

B. The Buildings and Grounds Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees will consider, investigate and evaluate the merit of all requests prior to their submission to the Board for final action.

C. In those instances where a bequest, will, trust agreement or similar document justifies the memorialization of a campus facility or feature, the Buildings and Grounds Subcommittee will consider or recommend an appropriate course of action to the Board of Trustees for their final approval.