University Telecommunications Services

No.10-5 Rev.2-17-84 Date 8-17-77



To set forth general telephone policies of the University.


A. Telecommunication Services

The entire campus telephone network; all main switching gear; all wiring; all controllers, panels, least-cost routing units; and all other devices used for voice or data communications. If further includes all personnel necessary to manage and operate the system.

B. Authorization Code

That number assigned by the Telecommunications Department to be used when placing long distance phone calls as a means of gaining access to University long distance lines and to fix costs associated therewith to designated cost codes.


A. Telecommunication Services is responsible for all telephones and telephone facilities of the University and for ordering, receiving, installing and paying for same. No other individual or department is authorized to place orders for equipment or service on behalf of the University.

B. Telecommunication Services will maintain an inventory of all telephone equipment on campus.

C. Each entity on campus will receive a monthly charge for the following categories associated with their cost code:

1. Desk equipment

2. Installation and/or moving of telephone equipment

3. Long distance calls

D. Authorization code numbers to allow access to long distance calling lines will be assigned by Telecommunication Services. Telephones can be restricted to campus only, to local calling only or to certain area codes only as requested.

E. Questions and requests for services and/or facilities should be directed to Telecommunication Services at extension 6024.

F. Personal, long-distance calling on the University telephone system is not allowed.

G. Information on use of the telephone system is printed in the back of the campus telephone directory.

H. Off-campus use of University long-distance lines is available where necessary. Contact the Telecommunications Department for further information.