Evaluation Procedures for Provost

     No. 1-5c      Rev.           Date 6-7-88



Evaluation procedures for a provost will normally meet the following guidelines:

A. Procedures will be implemented by the third year of a provost's initial appointment and at five-year intervals thereafter.

B. Using a form which provides both qualitative and quantitative data, the president will solicit input from the following:

1. Vice presidents, deans, current members of the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees.

2. Faculty, which could include department chairs, a representative sample of the faculty, members of previous Executive Committees or any interested faculty who wish to provide input.

3. Appropriate outside sources (i.e., Board of Regents, local service clubs, etc.).

C. The evaluative data will be reviewed and interpreted by the president who will be assisted in this by a four-person advisory committee. This advisory committee will consist of two members each from the Dean's Council and the current Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate.