Department Chairs

     No. 1-18      Rev. 02-13-07          Date 4-20-77



The department chair, in conjunction with program coordinators where appropriate, shall be the responsible administrator for the planning, governance, supervision and fiscal operation of his/her academic unit. He/she shall be directly responsible to the dean. Upon recommendation of the dean and the provost, he or she shall be appointed for one-, two- or three-year terms by the president of the University. The normal appointment shall be for three years. The department chair will do the following:

I. Recommend to, or consult with, the dean on personnel issues, including appointments or changes in appointments, merit salary increases, leaves of absence or sabbaticals, dismissals, retirements or other matters affecting personnel of the department

II. Sit on the department Ranking Tenure Evaluation Committee

III. Evaluate faculty and staff as per all applicable departmental, college, and university policies (see PPM 3-62, 8-11, and 8-12).

IV.  Schedule all full-time and adjunct faculty members for teaching assignments and laboratory duties in conjunction with Continuing Education and the Davis Campus when appropriate.

V. Maintain a file of the syllabi for each course taught in the department

VI. Convey to the dean pertinent recommendations of the department

VII. Oversee the recruitment, hiring, ongoing professional development and regular evaluation of staff and adjunct faculty, contract faculty, and tenure-track faculty.

VIII. Make department committee and individual assignments, including student advising as appropriate, for department faculty and staff.

IX. Prepare the department budget request, developed in discussion with his/her faculty, and prudently manage the  funds allocated to the department.

X. Hold regularly scheduled department meetings and forward a copy of the recorded minutes to the dean.

XI. Prepare and file reports of departmental activities with the dean as requested.

XII. Foster good teaching within the department, encourage faculty to be involved in scholarly activities, promote faculty involvement in service to the institution and/or profession, and assist regular and adjunct faculty in their professional development.

XIII. Oversee and manage the department's curriculum, courses, and programs.

XIV.  Represent the department to outside entities including oversight of the accreditation and program review processes when they occur. XV.  Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the dean of the college.