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Math Requirement by Major

General Studies (Associate of Arts/Associate of Science) students may complete any Quantitative Literacy (QL) class, although they should consider the QL math course aligned to their future bachelor’s degree interests. 

Interdisciplinary Studies students should find the QL class that will satisfy all components of their degree. 

If you do not see your major on this page and don’t know what course to enroll in, talk to your advisor or email

Goddard School of Business and Economics

All Majors
MATH 1050 or MATH 1090

College of Science

All Majors
MATH 1050 or higher
Most require MATH 1050+MATH 1060 or MATH 1080

Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities

All Majors
MATH 1030/1035/1036 or higher

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

History, History Teaching, Philosophy, Social Science Composite Teaching
MATH 1030/MATH 1035 or higher

Anthropology, Gerontology, Political Science, Political Science Teaching, Psychological Science, Psychological Science Teaching, Sociology, Sociology Teaching, Social Work
MATH 1030/1035/1036 or higher (MATH 1040 suggested)

Criminal Justice
MATH 1030/1035/1036 or higher, MATH 1040 required for CSI

Geography, Geography Teaching
MATH 1040 or MATH 1030/1035/1036 and SOC 3600

Dumke College of Health Professions

Advanced Radiologic Sciences, Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Emergency Healthcare Sciences, Health Administration, Health Information Management, Health Information Technology, Health Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nuclear Medicine, Nursing, Nursing: PN-to-RN, Paramedic Studies, Public Health, Radiation Therapy, Radiography, Respiratory Therapy
MATH 1030/1035/1036 or higher

Rehabilitation Sciences
MATH 1050 recommended

Moyes College of Education

Early Childhood Education, Education, Elementary Education, Special Education
MATH 2010-2015-2020 sequence

Early Childhood Health Promotion, Outdoor & Community Recreation Education, Outdoor Leadership
MATH 1030/1035/1036 or higher

Family Studies
MATH 1030/1035/1036 or higher (MATH 1040 recommended for grad school)

Exercise & Sport Science
MATH 1050 or higher

Nutrition Education (Sports Nutrition emphasis), Physical Education, Physical Education Teaching
MATH 1050

Nutrition Education (Integrative Nutrition emphasis)
MATH 1030/1035/1036

College of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology (EAST)

Automotive Technology, General Technology, Interior Design, Professional Sales, Sales & Merchandising
MATH 1030/MATH 1035 or higher

Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering Technology
MATH 1040 AND MATH 1050 + MATH 1060 or MATH 1080

Network Management Technology
MATH 1040 or MATH 1050

Web and User Experience, Apprenticeship
MATH 1050

Building Design & Construction, Computer Engineering, Computer Science Teaching, Construction Management, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering Technology, Energy Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Pre-Engineering, Product Design & Development 
MATH 1050+1060 or MATH 1080