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Ask Every Student

Weber State is one of 31 higher education institutions across the country to partner as a codesigner campus with Ask Every Student, an organization seeking to encourage full democratic participation on college campuses.

Codesigner institutions are dedicated to implementing full student voter participation programs and supporting other campuses in the same effort.

The Political Engagement Coalition is working with WSU Online to create digital tools to make student voter registration possible in a virtual environment.

Normally, voter registration drives involve sitting at tables, asking people to register, handing them a paper, getting them to fill it out and bringing that paper to the Weber County Elections office.

Digital tools will help expand that work, particularly in our current pandemic situation.

Specific Canvas modules being worked on include:

  • Importance of voting history: Explains United States voting history such as when people got the right to vote, and why we need to register to vote.
  • Voter registration simulation: Demonstrates why and how registration laws have been used to disenfranchise people historically.
  • How to register to vote: Connects students to the tools to register to vote in Utah, and explains Utah election law.
  • Weber State University NLSVE data: Numbers of students who voted compared to the national average, compared to other age groups.

Upon completion, these tools will be deployed both here and on other campuses across the country. We’ll be rolling out these tools starting in August 2020.

We will also be sharing those tools across the Students Learn Student Vote Coalition.

This page will be updated as we have more information about this exciting project!

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