Session 4 Breakouts

2:15-3:15 pm

(4A) Professional & Technical Writing 
Room EH 215
Moderator: Keolanani Kinghorn

  • Himanshu Gandhi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, "Dijon Vu: A Comparatie Analysis on Rhetorical Strategies Employed by Various Periods of Advertisement Culture"
  • Diana Lujan, Weber State University, "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: The Holocaust and Lethal Technical Writing"
  • Claudia McClellan, Weber State University, "A Guide on Intellectual Property for Creators - Copyright & Fair Use"

(4B) British Literature
Room EH 218 
Moderator: Brandon Dominguez

Join Session 4B Virtually

  • Elizabeth Elin, Saint Vincent College, "Hear My Voice When I Call: Psalmic Multivocality in Milton's Paradise Lost" (v)
  • Lauren Hildum, Hirum College, "The Literary Cinderella: An Analysis of the Abandonment of Anne Brontë" (v)
  • Abigail Jackson, Brigham Young University-Idaho, "Female Orations: An Analysis of Margaret Cavendish's Debates Concerning Feminism"

(4C) Fiction
Room EH 219
Moderator: Angela Fatone

  • Margaret Draper, Weber State University, "Perfection's Body"
  • Bracken Gossett, Weber State University, "FALSE"
  • Brittney Johnson, Weber State University, "The First Time She Killed Me"
  • Trevor Oman, Colorado Mesa University, "Missing Marks"

(4D) Poetry
Room EH 206
Moderator: Bailey Quinn

  • Rory Davison, Colorado Mesa University, "Selected Poems"
  • Eliza Hill, Weber State University, "As the Oldest Siblings"
  • Sean Patrick Maloy, Weber State University, "Selected Poems"
  • Aaron Petrone, College of Southern Idaho, "Selected Poems"