Session 1 Breakouts

8-9 a.m.

(1A) American Literature
Room EH 215
Moderator: Debi Sheridan

  • Courtney Child, Weber State University, "Weight: The Symbolism in The Things They Carried"
  • Caden McGregor, Brigham Young University-Idaho, "The Most Bloody, the Most Dangerous, and the Most Valuable Citizen: The Relationship Between Vigilante Justice and the Western American Identity in Mark Twain's Roughing It"
  • Molly Day, Weber State University, "Emily Dickinson and the Historic Erasure of Queer Women"
  • Hayley Fleener, Texas A&M University, "Using Poetry as Oars: Sexton's Desperate Search for God"

(1B) Fiction
Room EH 218
Moderator: Libby Leonard

  • Ray Chong, Brigham Young University-Idaho, "The Overviewing"
  • Josie Hulme, Weber State University, "Chasing Tomorrow"
  • Jonah Mroz, Reed College, "The Secrets We Already Told"
  • Chloe Richardson, Regis University, "Frog in Boiling Water"

(1C) Creative Nonfiction 
Room 219
Moderator: Marci Boyle

  • Lauren Kloosterboer, Brigham Young U-Idaho, "Don't Look Back at the Creepy Shadow"
  • Charlie Vasquez, Weber State University, "What I Wear: A Memoir"
  • Makayla Wach, Brigham Young University-Idaho, "Requiem for Narnia"

(1D) Poetry
Room EH 206
Moderator: Laura Stott

  • Chantae Bryant, Colorado Mesa University, "Sunset Shadows: A Small Collection of Poems"
  • Tim Costello, Weber State University, "Collection of Poems"
  • Katherine Shaver, Sam Houston State University, "Going Home"
  • Sara Tesch, Weber State University, "Poetry: A Series on Difference"