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Look at the Master Tutor Project Guidelines to get an idea of what you would like to do for your master tutor project, and then speak to your supervisor to get your idea authorized.

Instructions for developing a CRLA Master Tutor project:

  1. Determine what your master tutor project will be.
    To determine what your master tutor project will be, simply look for a project that will contribute to math tutoring, or be beneficial for those involved with math tutoring. (This can include tutors, tutees, the tutoring centers, etc…) This can be done in a variety of ways as creativity is encouraged. For ideas of previous Master Tutor Projects, see below.

  2. Write a Rough Draft or Outline
    Once the idea for the master tutor project has been determined, it is important to develop a written outline or rough draft of what you plan on doing. Make sure this includes more than just the initial idea. Include why you are doing this, what you exactly plan on doing, who it will effect, how it will be beneficial, when you want to do this, and other pertinent information. This information will be taken with you when you meet with your supervisor. (see step 5)

  3. Follow Time Restrictions/Protocol
    The Master Tutor Project should take no longer than 10 hours to complete. Preferably, these projects should take 2-5 hours. If you feel that your project will exceed this time requirement, please speak with your supervisor.

  4. Create a project that has usability for your major and/or the math tutoring program.
    If you are in a major not related to Math, feel free to create a project that would involve your major with math tutoring. These projects are very individualized, and are intended to benefit a variety of people.

  5. Once you have determined a project, present the project idea to your supervisor.
    Do not proceed with your project until you have met with your supervisor and gotten the okay to move forward. Your supervisor will be glad to help provide direction and parameters for your project. Further, the supervisor should not be the one to decide what your project will be, so it is important to come to this meeting with the outline/plan of your project already written up. (see step 2)

Master Tutor Project Ideas:

  • Create a Handout
    Handouts are a great resource for tutees. Handouts can be created for a variety of topics within math or tutoring. If you decide to create a handout for your master tutor project, you need to create an electronic copy and an original copy. These copies should include information about who “created” the handout. To do so, create a footer with your first initial, last name, and the creation date. The electronic copy should be saved as a word document (.doc) AND a PDF version (.pdf). A Publisher document (.pub), is also accepted in place of a word document. Previous handouts include: Fractions, Parent Graphs, Graphing Transformations, Logarithms, Test Taking Tips, How to do certain things on your calculator, etc…

    See what these handouts look like or ask your Supervisor for an example.

  • Create a skit about complicated or difficult tutoring scenarios
    Perform this skit at your CRLA tutor training meeting, or at a staff meeting. Make sure to address the proper ways to resolve the difficult situation. Discuss this further with your supervisor. [This could also make a good handout for tutors.]

  • Advertising
    Help promote ASCP drop-in math tutoring by developing a unique way to advertise our services.•Research We appreciate feedback, and are always looking for new ways to improve our services. Research can be done on other tutoring websites, tutoring centers or tutoring in general. Discuss advantages, disadvantages, what was liked or disliked, what topics were discussed/addressed, the accessibility, organization, etc…

    After research is done, write a 2-5 page report about your findings. Please include references. Give this paper to your supervisor. A poster board documenting your findings can possibly be substituted in lieu of a research paper. (A poster board is generally only used with very specific topics.) You may or may not be required to present your findings to fellow tutors.

  • Make study guides for various classes.
    This is similar to making a handout. All the handout rules/instructions would apply. This study guide can be an explanation of vocabulary, content, or practice problems.

  • Relate your major to math or tutoring
    One previous tutor was an accounting major and wanted to show how their major and math (or you could say tutoring) interrelate. This tutor put together some information and instruction on accounting concepts. The project was meant to help math tutors understand accounting on a very basic level so that they were not completely lost when helping students that came in with accounting questions. The tutor’s own knowledge on accounting, as well as some information from textbooks, was used to gather information for this project.

There are many things that one can select to do as a master project. The options are limitless so be creative! If you have an idea, and want to determine if it is a feasible option, write down your ideas (see Step 2), and then schedule a time to briefly discuss your ideas with your supervisor. If you are unsure, schedule the meeting and come with a few ideas outlined. The important thing is to make this project something that you enjoy working on, something that will be beneficial to tutoring, and something that will enhance your knowledge of tutoring/math in some way.

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