Course Requirements

The Cardiac Specialist program offers advanced courses in cardiovascular sciences, including coronary and structural heart disease, cardiovascular imaging, and interventional cardiac catheterization, and research.  You will complete 59 credit hours of coursework, including clinical preceptorship.

All courses are taught in a hybrid format, which combines face-to-face and online learning. You will be required to attend class on the WSU Ogden campus 2-4 times each semester.

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Course descriptions available in the Catalog

Fall Semester

MSRS 6100 Research Methods (3)
MSRS 6140 Clinical Laboratory Correlation (3)
MSRS 6310 Evaluation of the Cardiac System (3)
MSRS 6484 Sonographic Fundamentals for Invasive Guidance (3)
MSRS 6860 Clinical Preceptorship (3)

Spring Semester

MSRS 6120 Research and Statistics (3)
MSRS 6130 Functional Hemodynamics (3)
MSRS 6263 Advanced Diagnostic Services Pharmacology (3)
MSRS 6311 Interventional Cardiac Procedures I (3)
MSRS 6861 Clinical Preceptorship (3)

Summer Semester

MSRS 6200 Population Health in Radiologic Sciences (3)
MSRS 6312 Interventional Cardiac Procedures II (3)
MSRS 6461 Leadership in Clinical Practice (3)
MSRS 6493 Advanced 3D Medical Imaging (3)
MSRS 6862 Clinical Preceptorship (3)

Fall Semester

MSRS 6313 Interventional Cardiac Procedures III (3)
MSRS 6482 Current Trends in Cardiovascular Imaging (3)
MSRS 6900

Capstone: Clinical Fellowship and Portfolio (3)

MSRS 6910 Transition to Practice (2)
MSRS 6999 Master's Thesis (3)

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