Why Choose MSRS at WSU?

Class of 2014

"I have learned so much, but most of all, I have learned a lot about myself.  I have been able to use my profession to write papers and research issues that are important to me and actually mean something.  I feel that the work I did in the MSRS program was not just busy work; I was able to focus the projects on what I do.  The research and writing skills I attained in this program are invaluable."  -Shane

"Great program!  Felt like it was a lot of work, but very doable, even though I work full-time and have a family.  All instructors have been great and I have learned a great deal."  -Amy

"I feel I have a better grasp on how to do true research.  It also has been a great way to establish a well-rounded networking group of other professionals in the field."  -Jimmy

"The program has provided me with a greater comfort level discussing cases that involve detailed laboratory and respiratory issues with primary care providers.  Additionally, it has helped to improve communication regarding administrative issues at work."  - Laurence

"The coursework pushed me to advance in my understanding of pathology identification and triage, as well as an understanding of the future of patient health information and policies.  I am also able to better assess how policy affects patient care."  -Nathan

Class of 2013

"I'm more aware of how the business of healthcare within the scope of imaging functions and runs.  I have a better understanding about the jobs and careers my peers in other imaging departments are involved in.  I know how to better and more efficiently research topics of interest within my field of medicine and research."  -Patrick

"I am far more adept at gathering, comprehending, and practicing medical information.  I have a better understanding of research and statistic applications.  The program was comprehensive and well-balanced."  -Jesse

I have learned to incorporate evidence-based findings into my clinical practice instead of blindly following protocols.  The combination of online/classroom structure allowed me the opportunity to gain a post-graduate education without having to move."  -Scott

"The MSRS program provides higher-level knowledge, which covers different healthcare aspects. This includes skills to manage healthcare information, which provides more opportunities in management jobs."  -Miao


Class of 2012

"The MSRS program has allowed myself to explore other employment opportunities inclusive of education and strategy/innovation roles."  -Kirk

"The MSRS program was a great program that worked with a full-time work schedule, taught me a lot, and provided an opportunity to collaborate with top professionals in many fields of radiology."  -Natalie

"The program helped me to think like a physician.  Now I look at patient's symptoms and try to image them in a way that will best aid in their treatment."  -Quincy

"The MSRS program has helped me be comfortable outside of my own imaging modality and gain a higher understanding and level of knowledge in other modalities."  -Tawnie


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