Mark Miller

Student, Manufacturing Engineering Technology
1997 - 2000

My name is Mark Miller a graduate from MFET program at Weber State University in 2000.  In 1997 I was newly married, and we made the big decision to move from Idaho Falls to Ogden Utah and continue our education at Weber State University.  I really did not know what to expect but knew the University and Manufacturing Engineering program were very reputable.  It turned out to be a great fit for me as I not only got a great education from a great faculty, but I also was able to work an internship in local industry gaining some valuable work experience.  To this day I work for Elkay Manufacturing where I did my internship while in school and now serve as the Plant Manager.  As I reflect on my education a big highlight was that of my senior project.  

My team of students were tasked to re-engineer and build 5 or so chipper shredders, yes, the machines that chip wood.  This was very overwhelming and challenging but also educational for a group of students with minimal experience.  I remember we sold all of them.  I remember some went to the Weber State staff, and Grandparents of one of the students also purchased one.  We were validating the design & Drawings, working hard to understand the process that would be required to build each part.  It always felt like a balancing act keeping our lives together. I felt fortunate that many in our team worked in different industries around the area and had skills as well as access to various technology that would really help us in our work to be successful.  We had access to a water jet machine, Annealing furnace, and even a laser.   I remember the first machine that we ran behind the Engineering building.  It felt great to put some good size branches in this machine and watch them come out as chips on the other side.  This was a great learning opportunity and rewarding project that I am glad I had.  I am grateful for the many mentors and experiences like these that I had at Weber State University.

Mark Miller - Plant Manager