Stefan Giese – Student

Mr. Harward:
While taking an automation class that you taught several years ago, I behaved poorly in resolving frustrations regarding resource availability.
My behavior eventually became a serious discussion in your office…which is where I should have started the discussion.
Since graduation from WSU, I have earned my MBA from Penn State and recently finished training to become a Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB).  A few days ago, my manager asked me what part of my engineering degree, MBA, or 20 years’ experience in manufacturing had the greatest positive impact on the completion of my LSSBB and my ability to work well with others to complete complex projects.  As I thought about his question, I came to the conclusion that the time you took to “put me back in my place” was the single experience that acted as the greatest catalyst for many of the important changes that I have made to improve myself, and how I interact with other people.
If I did not apologize for my behavior at the time of our confrontation, I do sincerely apologize for my past actions.
Thank you for the patience you showed several years ago, to teach me an important lesson that was not on the syllabus.
I have yet to program a robot since leaving WSU, but how well I deal with people every day has strong roots back to the discussion in your office.

Thanks again.
Stefan Giese
Project Manager
New Standard Corporation
74 Commerce Way
York, Pennsylvania 17406