Michael Ault, Ph.D.
EH 366

Anne Bialowas, Ph.D.
EH 335

Anne Bialowas' (Ph.D., 2009, University of Utah) research interests are in contemporary rhetoric, media studies, feminist theory, and cultural studies. Dr. Bialowas has taught courses dealing with her research interests in additional to teaching writing, speaking, and teamwork skills to engineers and math graduate students.

Ryan Cheek
EH 359

Nicola Corbin, Ph.D.
EH 341

Corbin, who completed her Ph.D. at the University of Georgia, teaches Public Relations Writing, Communication Design, and Advertising. Her research interests encompass alternative approaches to public relations and visual communication, and issues of representation, particularly as it relates to race and gender in mass media. In a former life, Corbin was a news desk and features copy editor who was also responsible for youth outreach at the Herald News in West Paterson, N.J. During her time there, she received design awards from the New Jersey Press Association and the New Jersey Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Corbin was also a member of the senior staff and assistant to the director, responsible for marketing and communications within the Department of Transportation Services at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has also taught Media Writing, Oral Communication and freshman orientation courses at Seton Hall University and the University of Maryland.

Hailey Gillen Hoke
EH 338

Susan Hafen, Ph.D.
EH 349

Dr. Susan Hafen (Ph.D., Ohio University, 1995) is a full professor in the Communication Department at Weber State University, where she has taught communication theory, organizational communication, interpersonal and small group communication, interviewing, training and development, research methods, and the senior research seminar since 2003.  Previously she taught at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (1995-2003), where she also taught human resources and training and development, diversity training, intercultural communication, and public speaking. Prior to her academic career, Dr. Hafen worked in the corporate business world for a dozen years as a trainer and human resource manager. She was on the start-up team for Kimberly Clark’s diaper plant in Utah and Mobil Oil’s first coal mine in Wyoming, and she worked at Potomac Electric Power Co. in Washington, D.C. Dr. Hafen has published articles and book chapters on guilt and shame in organizations, diversity training, cultural identities, workplace gossip, service learning, and classroom pedagogy.

Robin Haislett
EH 345

Leslie Howerton
EH 342

Becky Johns, Ph.D.
EH 337

Dr. Becky Johns (Ph.D., University of Utah, 2001) is an organizational communication scholar who does research about organizations, religion and women. Among other published scholarly research, she recently had a peer-reviewed journal article appear (April, 2008) in The Journal of Communication and Religion titled: " Hidden Strategies of Resistance in Female Mormon Missionary Narratives: Two Case Studies."  Her master's degree project was an organizational audit, including the use of 15 organizational analysis tools, of 26 branches and general headquarters of a large banking operation in Salt Lake City. It also included an intervention plan and presentation to CEO and Board of Directors. They implemented most of the intervention recommendations. Dr. Johns has taught organizational, interpersonal, and small group communication as well as public speaking, among many others, in related fields for 18 years at the University of Utah and Weber State University. She is currently an associate professor in the WSU Communication Department and coordinator of the WSU Women's Studies Program. She has done extensive service for the University in assessment and general education.  

Sheree Josephson, Ph.D.
EH 332

Dr. Sheree Josephson (Ph.D., University of Utah, 1992) chair of the Department of Communication at Weber State University, is a noted eye-tracking researcher who has studied how people process visual information on the web, on television, and in print. She has published a book titled Visualizing the Web: Evaluating Online Design from a Visual Communication Perspective and numerous journal articles and book chapters. She is the first editor on the forthcoming second edition of Handbook of Visual Communication: Theory, Methods, and Media. She has served two times as the chair of the Visual Communication Division of the National Communication Association. Josephson’s scholarly interest in visual communication emerged during her previous careers as a journalist and as a consultant in public relations and advertising. Before coming to teach at Weber State, Josephson worked in reporter, editor, and graphics editor roles at three daily newspapers in the Intermountain West. She has helped found and run an advertising research firm—FactOne—that specialized in using eye-tracking research to analyze the effectiveness of websites for marketing purposes. She also helped establish two other advertising research companies—iLab and Lab 6two4, both of which were affiliated with major advertising agencies in Salt Lake City.

Alexander Lancaster, Ph.D.
EH 348

Colleen Packer, Ph.D.
EH 346

Dr. Colleen Packer (Ph.D., University of Utah) is an expert in communication education, and interpersonal and intercultural communication. Her dissertation focused on communicative behaviors of mechanical engineering design teams. Her research interests focus on communication across the curriculum, the scholarship of teaching and learning, community-based learning, and family communication.  

Jean Norman, Ph.D.
SU 401/EH 362

Jean Reid Norman (Ph.D. University of Nevada, Las Vegas) as a professional journalist for 30 years before entering academia. Her professional experience ranges from small community newspapers to the Washington Post and USA Today. She earned a master’s degree in English and a doctorate degree in public policy from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her bachelor of science in journalism is from Northwestern University. She is passionate about teaching reporting and writing and responding to the needs of student through curriculum development.

Sarah Steimel, Ph.D.
EH 346

Dr. Sarah Steimel (Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln) is the director of Weber State University's Masters of Professional Communication and an associate professor in the Communication Department at Weber State University. She has both research and teaching interests in organizational communication, difference/diversity and communication, and research methods. Her overall research focuses on communication in nonprofit organizations, especially between organizational staff, volunteers, and the diverse clients they serve.