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Make an appointment to get one-on-one help on how to complete your FAFSA. Parents are welcome to join you. Learn more FAFSA Facts.

Please note that FAFSA will not be available this year until December or January. We will keep you posted on when to fill out the FAFSA for the 2024-25 school year.

Appointments for Free Financial Coaching

Appointments for Help with FAFSA

What To Bring To Your Appointment:

  • Student’s and Parent(s)’ Social Security card or permanent  resident/alien registration card 
  • Student’s W-2 forms and tax information (if applicable) for:
    • 2020, if applying for summer semester 2023
    • 2021, if applying for fall semester 2024
  • Parent(s)’ W-2 forms and tax information for:
    • 2020, if applying for summer semester 2023
    • 2021, if applying for fall semester 2024
  • Parent(s)’ birth dates 
  • Parent(s)’ date of marriage, separation, or divorce (if applicable)

Dependent Students

You are a dependent student if you are 24 or younger and you will need your parent(s) tax information.

There are ways you can be considered independent if you are under 25:

  • If you are married
    • Please bring your spouse's tax info
  • Special circumstances (if you have questions please call)
    • Have legal dependents
    • Ward of the court/Foster care
    • Armed Forces
    • Emancipated minor
    • Homeless or at risk of being homeless

If you are a dependent student your parent(s) will need to have and Federal Student Aid (FSA) account as well. You will need this information to sign, submit, and retrieve tax information from the IRS website.

Printable Version of What to Bring (PDF)

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