Microbiology Major: Joshua Penrod

How did you decide on your program?

I needed a program that would give me a great base for med school. After looking at all the great programs in the college of science I decided on microbiology because it just fit my interests well. My professors at Weber State University have given me knowledge and insight that has enriched my life and will enrich the lives of the patients I will be caring for as a doctor.

What’s the best part about being a microbiology major?  

The best part of being a microbiology major is that it is a major which incorporates many other majors. Microbes are everywhere, in the air in the ground, in plants, and deep within the earth. By learning about microbes I learn about the whole earth around me, its past, present, and possible future.

What’s been your favorite class so far and why?  

Tropical diseases. Being pre-med, this has been the most intriguing class so far in that I can learn real-life applications of microbes in medical settings.


"Small class sizes, amazing professors..."

Joshua enjoys the personal attention that comes with smaller class sizes and access to professors. "I wish people knew just how awesome the professors are. They know my name, and genuinely care about my education. They know we are the future and they do all they can in ensuring our success."