Metaphor Undergraduate Literary Journal


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Metaphor is an annual interdisciplinary journal created entirely by undergraduate students which publishes art, fiction, non-fiction and academic papers, poetry, music, dance, theater, and other artistic media. The staff is volunteer, the published submissions are all original, and the journal is paid for by student fees. Metaphor is distributed not only to the student body, but also to alumni, community members, and to participants in the National Undergraduate Literature Conference.

Metaphor’s chief aim is to facilitate an environment that encourages students at Weber State University to express their ideas through literature and the arts. In conjunction with that aim, Metaphor is responsible for publishing a quality interdisciplinary journal which showcases the diversity and genius of our university to the surrounding community. Additionally, we provide training and experience for volunteer staff members in the editing and publication fields.

Metaphor recognizes that good topics and good writing can be found in every academic discipline. We strive, therefore, to work with students in all colleges and departments to recognize the diversity of talents found on Weber State University's campus.