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10 Reasons to Join MCJ

10 reasons to choose Weber State University for your Master of Criminal Justice Degree.


Learn anywhere, anytime

The program is 100% online, yet you still learn from the same highly regarded professors as all Weber State students.


Don't worry about the GRE

The standardized admissions test isn't required, saving you time and money.


Don't break the Bank

For total of approximately $13,000, *(for residents of Utah and nonresidents), WSU offers one of the most affordable Master of Criminal Justice degrees in the country.


Apply for scholarships

WSU's Master of Criminal Justice program is one of the country's only online degree tracks that offers competitive scholarships for well-qualified canidates.


Go at your own pace

The program can be finished in less than two years and, in some instances, one year.


Learn from the best

The same Weber State University professors who teach on WSU's campus teach online as well. From corrections officers, police chiefs, defense attorneys and forensic scientists to published authors and researchers, they are proven leaders in the criminal justice field.


Get the WSU credential

When you graduate from the Master of Criminal Justice program, you will have a diploma from Weber State University. Regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, WSU is a highly respected institution that offers excellent teaching and personalized opportunites, experiences and support.


Go places

Our professors teach you what you’ll need to gain a competitive edge and also offer trips to give you experiences in the criminal justice field.

For example, students travel to London, England to meet with leading criminal justice practitioners in an effort to better understand that country’s criminal justice system. While there, attendees also get a chance to explore the sights, sounds, and history the area has to offer.

Students participating in these types of dynamic learning experiences can earn up to six graduate credits.


Elevate your criminal justice career, or start anew.

WSU’s Master of Criminal Justice program is designed for those who want to advance in the field of criminal justice or enter it   it's open to students with bachelor's degress in all fields. So, whether you plan to enhance your career, teach, apply to law school or pursue a doctorate, we can   and will   help you get where you want to be.


Get a broad, yet rigorous education

Through four core courses, you’ll learn the fundamentals. Through a variety of electives, you’ll tailor your education to be just what you need — and want. And, because our professional networks extend to local, state and federal agencies/departments, our program is often aware of the latest developments in the field — before they’re even made public. This provides you with a learning experience that expands your knowledge and your networking opportunities.